Legal & Law Support

Legal & Law customer support is essential to getting new clients 24/7. Our agents can handle simple information and potential lead generating to handling and delivering forms to qualifying clients. You write the script and tell us how you want your potential clients handled and evaluated and how to identify a client from a non-client. We will take over your support, lead generation, and call services to make sure your clients are happy. We help single attorneys to large firms, in corporate law, criminal law, family law, personal injury law. We are able to help your law firm pre-qualify leads and clients even when you’re out of the office!

24x7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring, 365 days/year. We’re here to make sure you get the employees your business needs done.

Full Support Services

No matter what industry you are in, we can handle full customer support services for your business.

Account Manager

A USA-based account manager is at your leisure. They are your point of contact to make sure things are on track.

Agent Training

Our agents receive 1-2 weeks special training in your product, business, service, or tasks you want done.

Dedicated Team

Get employees that are remotely available to work on any tasks you require, big or small from our office!

Daily Reporting

We can email you daily reports on how things are going with your campaign so you can sleep easy at night.

Hire us to manage your legal firm’s support!

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