March 24, 2020
Car Dealer Live Chat Lead Generation

HiredSupport helped an auto group capture more leads from their live chat interactions. Problem US-based auto group wanted us to manage their multi-dealership website’s live chat interactions and did not want in-house employees to run it so they could save on

March 24, 2020
Apparel Company Gets Sales Lift

HiredSupport helped an apparel company increase their sales and customer support by managing live chat support, email, and phone orders. Problem US-based apparel company wanted to cut down on customer support costs on their ecommerce platform + increase sales by

March 24, 2020
Deliver Virtual Gold Currency For Online Game

HiredSupport helped a virtual currency company with live chat pre-sales, post-sale live chat, phone order validation. Problem European based virtual currency company needed a team to manage their website and it’s sales 24×7 who could do live chat and order

March 24, 2020
Mobile Application Support

HiredSupport helped a mobile application iron out the massive bug reports and ticket support for users of their app. Problem US-based application needed a team to manage tickets and bug reports and present organized reports daily to higher management. Solution We assigned

March 24, 2020
Dating Website Needed Moderation

HiredSupport helped a dating website company moderate their user-base based on user-based reports and internal flagging. Problem US-based dating company wanted to cut down internal employees and outsource the moderation process of their website such as fake profiles and unacceptable photos & pictures.

March 24, 2020
Anti-Virus Software Company Chooses Us

HiredSupport helped a security company increase their sales and customer support by managing orders & helping customers post-sale. Problem US-based seurity company wanted to cut down on customer support costs by offering live chat for pre-sale and post-sale customers to help them

March 24, 2020
24×7 Cryptocurrency Exchange & Marketplace Customer Support

HiredSupport helped a cryptocurrency company with live chat support and ticket support, specifically guiding customers on how to use the exchange platform. Problem European based cryptocurrency company needed a team to manage their customer support channels 24×7 who could aid


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