Hire Dedicated Hybrid Support Agents!

Dedicated Hybrid Support Agents are employees that are 100% reserved for your business only. They do not work on any other live chats except ones that initiate from your business. Dedicated Hybrid Support Agents can do all full stack customer support services such as: emails, live chat, tickets and helpdesk, and more. These are full support agents that are there to handle all of your non-voice tasks involved in customer support. Use hybrid support agents as virtual employees for your business. We keep your customers happy and returning as repeat customers! Our plans are affordable and we offer shared and dedicated hybrid support agents. Outsource your customer support to our agents and your customers will be pleased with the support!


24x7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring, 365 days/year. We’re here to make sure your customers get the best customer support possible.

Full Support Services

Full customer support agents are great for support services like: email, ticket support, live chat, order processing.

Account Manager

A USA-based account manager is at your leisure. They are your point of contact to make sure things are on track.

Agent Training

Our agents receive 1-2 weeks special training in your product, business, or service so they can provide top notch support..

Dedicated Team

Get Dedicated customer support who work on your business only managing all customer support services.

Daily Reporting

We can email you daily reports on how things are going with your campaign so you can sleep easy at night.

Get dedicated hybrid support agents working for you immediately!

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