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Hire live chat agents
Hire live chat agents Hire live chat agents Hire live chat agents Hire live chat agents
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Hire live
chat agents

Live chat is a great and guaranteed
way of increasing your sales and customer
satisfaction for your business. With our
superstar chat agents, converting leads
and keeping customers happy is automatic.

Hiring a live chat support team can

Increase Your Sales

Think of live chat agents as salespeople for your
 business. We can proactively message your customers
 to reduce checkout abandonment by messaging them at the perfect moment in the checkout process. We
 can answer questions and turn visitors into customers.

A skyrocketing sales and dollar coins showing the sales are going upwards, a man seeing it and two women working as chat support agents.
All of our chat agents are

Experienced Agents

Our live chat support agents all have years of experience
 in working in various industries, including for big
 names like Uber Eats and Food Panda. Don't trust just
 anyone with your customers. Quality agents matter!

Beautiful animation of a male and female live chat operators working for customer support.
All agents are hand picked

English Experts

We all know writing good English is essential to providing
 good support. There should be no compromise in an agent's
 ability to type, read, and comprehend English. Every agent
 must pass English tests to prior to joining our team!

A keyboard showing the fast typing of the chat support agents through keyboard and typing hands,
All Agents Care About The

Customer Experience

Providing a great CX for your customers is imperative to
 keeping them coming back. Here at HiredSupport, we value
 your customer's experience from visitor to customer.

A man sitting and working on laptop while a robot in the background automating the process through his robotic arm.
Your new in-house team will

Cut Costs By 70%

Outsourcing customer support is a great way to cut costs.
 In fact, our pricing has our clients cutting costs by up
to 70% but not cutting down on the quality of support.

A man sitting on sand glass and showing the importance of working patiently as a chat support agent through an hour glass.

Performance Reports

We are completely transparent and will send performance
reports that show detail customer satisfaction scores
to prove you are getting a true ROI with our services.

A maginifier and different reports in the chat support showing regular reports delivery through charts and data.

Live Chat Software

Our agents are able to use and adapt to any live chat
software, including any custom or in-house built software.
Just give us a login and let us do what we do best!

A flowchart process and a man and woman working through it showing the sense of principle oriented work and clients' importance while working as a chat support agent.