Looking for an instant answer to a question?

We look to help you in any way, shape, or form that we can. We tried to put together a list of questions we are frequently asked by clients.

  • What if the agent does not know the answer?

    Our agents go through 2 weeks of training and try to understand your product as much as possible. However, during the first 24-48 hours of chats we are able to put together a list of popular questions that we get asked often. We will build responses that go with them and during that process ask you for answers we may not have.

  • Where are you located?

    Our offices are located in the United States and Dubai. We assign a USA based account manager to every campaign to make sure your satisfied with our agents.

  • What is a dedicated agent vs shared agent?

    A dedicated agent is an employee who’s one and only focus is your project. HiredSupport prides itself on providing dedicated agents for your products or services that your business provides. We also provide shared agents that work on 2-3 concurrent project’s live chat/support. The amount of traffic your website is a good indicator of which plan you should use. Go with HiredSupport and experience the dedication we provide!

  • How do I know which plan is right for me?

    We can help you decide which plan will adequately fit for your website’s traffic. Each website is different and we can get you the right support plan, whether you are a small website or large website. We also can do custom plans for websites and businesses that require it! Contact us to get more information and getting your support launched and sales increased!

  • What kind of services can the agents be used for?

    The most common uses of our agents are for: live chat support, email support, helpdesk and ticket support, troubleshooting support, telemarketing, data entry, virtual employees, phone ordering, phone answering service, order validation, lead validation and generation, order support, and much more. We provide full services and can get you agents trained in whatever you need for your business to succeed.

  • What are the industries you work with?

    We support the major industries: E-Commerce, Internet Properties (Websites), Mobile Applications, Healthcare, Real Estate, Law & Attorneys, IT Services and Software, Software as a service, Start-ups, Auto Sales, Traveling and Tourism, Pharmacy, Government, Construction, Web Hosting, Pharmacy, Small Businesses, Jobs, Restaurants & Hotels, Online School & Education, Jobs & Careers, Fashion & Apparel, and much more!

  • What are your agent's availability?

    Our agents have the ability to be offered to your business and handle your business and it’s needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In short: that means every single day and minute of the year!

  • Will you help us setup and get live chat on our website?

    Yes of course! We can help you with setting up the best live chat software for your website and how we can get it integrated on your website.

  • Can I chat with my customers too?

    Yes! If a customer specifically asks for you, we can follow your instructions to pass that on to you via email, or let you intervene if you are available! We’re here to take over for you and be your eyes and ears on your support and we work for you. You tell us what you want from us!

  • What languages do you support?

    Our agents are here to help you with English support. Our agents are capable of voice and non-voice interaction with your customers.

  • How do I hire you guys for my support?

    It’s very simple! You view our plans and tell us a little about your project. After we learn about your project a little we can start with a plan to get support setup and rolling on your business.

  • Can we review chat interactions?

    Yes! Most live chat software retains customer chat logs and they can easily be viewed by you!

  • If there is a new lead or sale, can you alert me?

    Yes! If requested by you, we can have the agents on your business email you or contact you by your preferred method that a new lead or sale has been generated!

  • Do you offer an account manager? What is their role?

    Yes! Every plan, from 1 agent to custom plans, has an account manager assigned to it. The account manager is here to help get you on board with your support plan and one of your main point of contacts for your campaign. Contact them if you need anything at all! It is their job to make sure you are satisfied with the level of support your business is receiving.

  • Are there any extra fees?

    No! Our plans are straight forward. Our plans allow for unlimited chats, emails, tickets, leads, sales, calls, and so fourth. For Phone support, we may ask you to provide the method for generating calls and providing such on your end.

  • Do you disclose what brands and companies you work with?

    No! We can sign NDA’s (if need be) to keep your business and it’s brand safe. We work with many top brands that we are not allowed to discuss, but big or small, we can help you and keep that information private!

  • What do I need to install on my website?

    A small snippet of code for live chat support to get the chat showing on your website.

  • What payment methods do you support?

    Credit card, Wire transfer, and Paypal.

  • Are there contracts?

    No! All plans are month to month and you can add-on or cancel to your plans as needed each month.

  • What if I don't have live chat support software?

    We can recommend live chat support software for your business and help you get it on your website. We work with all the major ones and don’t try to offer you some cheap knock-off chat software!

  • Is there a way I can hire you for multiple websites?

    Yes! We can discuss custom plans and extend as many agents as your business requires to get timely support delivered to your customer. Ask us about our custom plans and how we can help you.