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Hire Skilled

Every business can benefit from transcription services.
Transcribing calls is excellent way to evaluate performance and quality assurance of your sales team. We can deliver accurate transcriptions witin your budget and time constraints.

Outsourcing your transcriptions is

Cost Effective

Why hire a full-time transcriptionist when you can simply
outsource the work to a skilled transcription team? You get
our expertise and infrastructure and quality guarantee. In
the end, you're going to save money big time!

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All of our team members are

Expert Transcribers

We make sure to only hire the most experienced transcriptionists,
with the most attention to detail and the highest level of
experience. Each are equipped with high-quality headphones,
fast computers and foot-pedals to ensure accurate transcripts.

A transcription agent checking the quality.
Our transcriptions are

Extremely Accurate

We offer both human and automatic transcriptions. Both come with our accuracy guarantee so you can always expect quality output. Regardless of method, we got you covered no matter the volume, deadlines, or type of transcript content.

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We can transcribe anything including

Verbatim or No?

Verbatim transcription captures every sound heard in an audio or video file, including speech, stutters, false starts, coughs, as well as non-speech sounds such as doors opening. We also offer modified-verbatim transcriptions that remove these utterances so it's easier to read!

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We guarantee

Customer Privacy

We are GDPR compliant and carry out our work with complete
confidentiality. Transcriptionists only have access to the files
specifically assigned to them, and all data is stored securely.

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Our services work across

Multiple Industries

Our transcription services are trusted by clients across various
industries such as finance, healthcare, legal, marketing and media.
We offer expert transcribers who specialize in different subject matters.

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Our transcription services are available

365 Days A Year

We are available 24/7, including on public holidays. So whether you have
a steady stream of files to be transcribed or a last-minute urgest request,
we are able to cater to your needs and deliver what you need.

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Thinking About Outsourcing?

Get a 24/7 support team that will increase your customer satisfaction, decrease response time, and increase your ROI.