March 24, 2020
Is there a way I can hire you for multiple websites?

Yes! We can discuss custom plans and extend as many agents as your business requires to get timely support delivered to your customer. Ask us about our custom plans and how we can help you.

March 24, 2020
What if I don’t have live chat support software?

We can recommend live chat support software for your business and help you get it on your website. We work with all the major ones and don’t try to offer you some cheap knock-off chat software!

March 24, 2020
Are there contracts?

No! All plans are month to month and you can add-on or cancel to your plans as needed each month.

March 24, 2020
What payment methods do you support?

Credit card, Wire transfer, and Paypal.

March 24, 2020
What do I need to install on my website?

A small snippet of code for live chat support to get the chat showing on your website.

March 24, 2020
Do you disclose what brands and companies you work with?

No! We can sign NDA’s (if need be) to keep your business and it’s brand safe. We work with many top brands that we are not allowed to discuss, but big or small, we can help you and keep that

March 24, 2020
Are there any extra fees?

No! Our plans are straight forward. Our plans allow for unlimited chats, emails, tickets, leads, sales, calls, and so fourth. For Phone support, we may ask you to provide the method for generating calls and providing such on your end.

March 24, 2020
Do you offer an account manager? What is their role?

Yes! Every plan, from 1 agent to custom plans, has an account manager assigned to it. The account manager is here to help get you on board with your support plan and one of your main point of contacts for

March 24, 2020
If there is a new lead or sale, can you alert me?

Yes! If requested by you, we can have the agents on your business email you or contact you by your preferred method that a new lead or sale has been generated!

March 24, 2020
Can we review chat interactions?

Yes! Most live chat software retains customer chat logs and they can easily be viewed by you!


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