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24×7 Customer Support improves customer satisfaction

Customer Support can define a good business from a great business. Are you available 24×7 to answer your potential customer’s questions? If not, you may be missing sales. By not offering live support 24×7, you cut off those customers who might need questions answered prior to purchasing. How can you accomplish this? You can fix this problem by simply offering 24×7 customer support. It can be done in the form of live chat, email support, ticket support, or a helpdesk. The crucial point is the response time – it must be swift. The faster you can answer a customer’s question has a significant impact on sales / conversion rate, this is fact.

The next subject is how can you afford 24×7 customer support? It’s easy – it’s called outsourcing. HiredSupport can cover your live chat customers, email and ticket support, voice and phone orders, order verification and validation, back-end office tasks, data entry, and just about any business process outsourcing you might need done. We can handle just about anything, at an affordable rate too.

Our prices for 3 remote workers will cost less than 1 in-house employee. That means you get triple the amount of work getting done, triple the amount of support, and for this your business will grow. This means triple the customer satisfaction because they’re getting the support they need around the clock.

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