Case Study

Dating Website Needed Moderation

A couple initiating a kiss.

HiredSupport helped a dating website company moderate their user-base based on user-based reports and internal flagging.


US-based dating company wanted to cut down internal employees and outsource the moderation process of their website such as fake profiles and unacceptable photos & pictures.


We assigned 9 agents who would maintain the large volume of reports said website would get daily in regards to fake profiles and fake or inappropriate pictures.


HiredSupport was able to manage the work with 9 employees for the same price they would have paid one in-house employee to do the same work. With 9 dedicated workers, moderation queue was kept in check.

Detailed Results: HiredSupport is an active part of this dating website’s moderation team. The dating website company owns a portfolio of websites in the same niche and plans on adapting the same support system and our workers over to their other smaller dating websites based on the success of our first campaign. We have cut down a huge amount of the false profiles and had user-reported claims dealt with in a timely and professional manner. This helped the dating company only have legitimate profiles for potential soul mates in the making to find!


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