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Case Study

Mobile Application Support

An iphone.

HiredSupport helped a mobile application iron out the massive bug reports and ticket support for users of their app.


US-based application needed a team to manage tickets and bug reports and present organized reports daily to higher management.


We assigned 3 agents who would work on organizing the tickets and reports. There was enough volume on said application to require 3 guys working once per 8 hours to handle the application support.


Application received crucial information for bug reports and helped manage digital purchases by app users.

Detailed Results: HiredSupport still maintains the support for this application and is already in-talks to work on a second application after it has gained some more momentum. Game developers have been able to keep the game stable with updates and bug fixes based on reports our agents organized and processed. We also answered general questions on purchases that were coming in by ticket support. By utilizing our services, said app was able to cut down on the amount of bugs the app had and be able to answer app players questions much faster.