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Case Study

Anti-Virus Software Company Chooses Us

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HiredSupport helped a security company increase their sales and customer support by managing orders & helping customers post-sale.


US-based seurity company wanted to cut down on customer support costs by offering live chat for pre-sale and post-sale customers to help them get their security application installed.


We assigned 3 agents who would maintain pre-sale and post-sale support. The entire support system and order processing was delegated to 3 of our support agents.


Sales went up 23% and less tickets were created for in-house developers. Customers received instant answers via live chat, especially pre-sale customers. Result was a better conversion rate on the same landing page design.

Detailed Results: HiredSupport has been on board with said company for 3 years and counting. Same company is launching a second product and plans to have us aid them in the support department. Our goal is make sure they continue receiving great support from our agents and that their customers are having pleasant experiences and being pointed in the right direction with any questions they do have.