Live Chat Support Increases Conversion Rates

Live Chat Support Increases Conversion Rates

Live chat services can increase your revenues. This is a fact. A potential customer may land on your website and have questions or comments about a product or service before they buy it. It’s crucial to them that they get a response that satisfies them so they can go ahead and continue on to make a purchase. Live chat agents are the most effective way to do this. We offer dedicated live chat agents who can handle your entire live support and customer interactions. Based on our clients, all clients that did not have existing live support services noticed a higher customer satisfaction rate and better conversion rates after implementing our live chat agents into their system.

It’s not hard to add live chat to any website – and we’ve worked with all the major software. There are 3rd party hosted solutions as well as self-hosted solutions – we can help point you in the right direction as per your budget and expertise. We learn your business and it’s service or product and ensure we satisfy the customer the best to our know how. We can send daily reports and forward specific leads to you.

Call verification? Voice support? Telemarketing? We can handle all of these type of campaigns as well – regardless of the industry. We’ve worked with many brands to help verify orders by telephone, order by telephone, and general support by telephone. Fortune 500 companies choose HiredSupport to manage their customer support and be a focal point in increasing revenue.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you run your business more efficiently for a fraction of the cost. Day to day operations and tasks can be outsourced to our company and take away that headache!

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