Outsource your day to day tasks with Virtual Employees

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Outsource your day to day tasks with Virtual Employees

Sometimes a business is outgrowing itself too fast! This is a good problem to have! It means you’re doing something right. The next step is to be able to maintain the growth and the day to day operations that are involved in the upkeep of your business. Statistics show that a customer is more likely to buy from a business that has can answer their questions faster. This sounds easy but finding employees at an affordable rate to manage all your tasks is hard. Enter HiredSupport – we can provide dedicated or shared employees for your business at an effective cost. Data entry, email and ticket support, live chat support, voice and order support, order verification and processing, virtual delivery for ecommerce products, lead verification and generation, or even virtual assistants! All cogs that keep a successful business going can be outsourced at an affordable rate with us.

Is it time for you to relax and have more time in the day for building your business? Is your company looking to delegate tasks to employees but in-house employees are too expensive? HiredSupport is the answer. We can take your business: learn it and do the tasks that you ask us to do. We are able to provide our services as per your scheduling and as many employees as you need. We have experience in many industries. We have helped a growing social media website manage their user reports and vet the authenticity of user profiles/spam. We’ve helped a local restaurant do online ordering and calling their customers to verify they did indeed place an order. We’ve helped numerous companies do data entry tasks and much much more.

Looking for a reliable company to take your business to the next level? HiredSupport is the answer.

Ashok D

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How It Works How It Works
How It Works

Outsourcing your customer service
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Define Your Needs

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Get A Quote

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Approve Proposal

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Assign Agents

We match your campaign with the best available agents that we think are a fit for your brand.

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Agent Training Agent Training
Agent Training

Training with the assigned agents to learn your business. Takes as little as a few days to 3 weeks.

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Go Live! Go Live!
Go Live!

After successful training, we go live. We stay in contact with your team and do ongoing QA.

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