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Outsource Your Facebook Messenger Ad Interactions To Us!

Facebook Ads now allow you to direct a potential client directly to your messenger where you can interact with them and offer them direct communication with your business. This is a great way to get the conversation going with a client with minimal investment cost wise!

Advertisers can select Messenger as a destination (call to action) under the website clicks such as “Send Message” which will initiate a conversation instantly with your potential clients. You’ve already got them to establish a line of communication, now you just need to reel them in because they’re hooked! You can do this to some success by using a bot to auto respond to customers. However, this isn’t as dynamic as you would want it to be. Customers have questions, sometimes questions that can’t be answered so simply with a bot. Customers are dynamic and for that a real human works best! Sometimes even bots will not even understand what a customer wants and the engagement is totally wasted due to poor conversation flow. Customers want answers live and they want the answers to make sense to them!

HiredSupport can be the answer to outsourcing your facebook messenger ad chat interactions. We’re already doing this for many of our clients with large scale facebook campaigns and have seen their conversion rates skyrocket and the costs for leads and sales are dirt cheap because it converts so well! You are basically getting a customer to initate a live chat with your ad over messenger! You got them in front of you and they’re interested! HiredSupport can be the one to answer all their questions and secure that lead or sale for your business, 24/7, 365 days a year!

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