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Hire Live Chat Agents: The Best Way To Get More Customers

Running a business is hard. You need to make sure your website looks great, create an enticing marketing campaign, and keep up with the latest trends in your industry. But there is one thing you can do that will make it all easier: hire live chat agents.

Live chat agents allow you to interact with your customers in real-time. They answer questions, solve problems, and provide information on products or services- all without ever having to pick up the phone. When you hire live chat agents, you’re not just giving them a job; you’re giving your business more opportunities for success!

Why You Should Hire Live Chat Agents?

New companies will often hire chat agents to try and get online customers to buy their products. Others, however, see it as a reliable source of sales. Live chat agents have the same common goal as any other kind of salesperson: to close a deal. But there are other reasons to hire live chat agents.

Live Chat Agents Help Your Business Stand Out From Competitors

For one, if you only have a small number of customers at a time, you’re going to want someone there to provide an immediate answer. Additionally, live chat agents are often able to help your business stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Live Chat Agents Provide Better Customer Service

Creating a great customer service strategy is one of the first things that stand out when you’re hiring an agent.

Live Chat Agents Deliver More Sales

Live chat agents can deliver more sales to your business, which will provide you with more customers and more revenue.

Live Chat Agents Reduce Customer Contact With Your Phone Customer Service

Live chat agents help reduce customer contact with your phone customer service and customer service center. By reducing customer contact, you can help your business attract more customers and receive more sales.

Live Chat Agents Provide a Faster Customer Service Experience

Live chat agents are also able to provide a faster customer service experience. Customers don’t have to wait days for a response when they have a question or issue. They can directly contact a live chat agent with a question or issue.

The Bottom Line

The better your service, the more customers will be attracted to your business. You’ll be able to respond to customer concerns quickly, resolve questions quickly, and provide solid customer service.

How to Get Started With Live Chat Agents?

Before you can start hiring live chat agents, you need to make sure your current customer service team is ready for the next wave of technology and customer service. These days, customers expect instant answers to their questions. If they can’t find the answers they need right away, they’re going to look elsewhere.

If your customer service team isn’t capable of responding to customer service questions, it’s time to hire live chat agents. Of course, this also means your customer service team needs to stay up to date on all the latest software, technology, and social media platforms.

If your customers are talking about social media channels in their message, your customers are expecting you to be on those channels as well.

If You Want to Start Using Live Chat Agents

If you want to start using live chat agents, there are a few ways you can go about it.

Begin Hiring Live Chat Agents With a Freelance Service

The simplest way to begin is to hire a freelance service. There are many freelancing websites out there, and some of them will connect you with a live chat agent for you. A good example is upwork.

This site specializes in helping with marketing, IT help, project work, and product design. People are looking for this kind of work all the time, so they’re willing to work for you for as little as $1.50 an hour. You can also choose to work directly with freelancers, who usually charge a fee based on the amount of work they’re able to complete in one day.

Or Go Wise by Selecting an Agency Who Is Top Rated!

Hiring through freelance platforms like upwork has its own pros and cons. You don’t always know that a freelancer whom you are awarding a project is credible and reliable. You don’t know whether it will result in a benefit for your company as well.

You need to be in a budget and also want expert level quality. But can’t afford the high fees of freelancers who have a lot of projects in queue. The simple solutions is to go with an agency who have worked with fortune 500 companies, have expert and trained agents within your budget. A good example is HiredSupport.

HiredSupport also offers a free 7 day trial to check our services. Isn’t it amazing? This is simply the best and wisest choice you could have made. We also offer dedicated agents who only dedicate their time to your project, so you business can grow more quickly.

Why are live chat agents more effective than other methods?

Live chat agents are super effective because they’re easy to use. You don’t have to set up software; all you have to do is include an optional “live chat” line on your website. Once people visit your website, your live chat agents automatically pop up to answer any questions or concerns they have.

Live Chat Agents Chat With Customers Through the Entire Process of Purchasing or Signing Up

They’ll chat with customers through the entire process of purchasing or signing up, and at the end, they can leave a review and leave a voicemail if necessary. And since agents are always available, your website won’t have to disappear for hours or even days while the agent is out of the office. Live chat agents are also easy to come by, as well as highly effective.

The Major Difference Between Live Chat Agents and Other Marketing Campaigns Is the Speed

The major difference between live chat agents and other marketing campaigns is the speed with which they can convert sales. People interested in your products or services are much more likely to do so when they’re able to get answers to their questions in real-time. A traditional marketing campaign, on the other hand, is more likely to cause customers to look past your website and look up your company on Google.

What are the benefits of hiring live chat agents?

Live chat agents are available 24/7 to solve customer problems- no matter when they happen. Agents are available around the clock- so your customers won’t be forced to wait to get a problem solved. Agents can help customers around the clock- they’re available at any time.

Agents can take over chat conversations for you when your back is turned- saving you time and getting customer service right the first time. Live chat agents are experts at solving problems. They take your customers’ concerns seriously and offer a solution- whether that’s an immediate solution, a referral, or other support. Do you really want to hire live chat agents?

Why Would You Want to Hire Live Chat Agents?

So why would you want to hire live chat agents? It all boils down to one major benefit: people prefer live chat to phone conversations.

70 Percent of Consumers Prefer to Chat With Agents via Live Chat Than Through a Phone.

According to a poll from BrightLocal, 70 percent of consumers prefer to chat with agents via live chat than through a phone. This makes it a much more desirable method for interacting with customers.

73 Percent of Consumers Who Contact a Business Through a Live Chat Plan On Purchasing Something From Them.

The other factor that makes live chat so desirable for customers is that people feel more comfortable contacting businesses online than they do on the phone. And that’s why 73 percent of consumers who contact a business through a live chat plan on purchasing something from them.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that live chat is much more convenient for customers, and a much better option than speaking to a representative in person. You’ll be able to track your sales and customer experience easily through live chat service.

How do I get the most out of my live chat agents?

Live chat can work in every department of your business. From sales to customer service, your live chat agents are ready to answer any questions or help you meet any of your goals.

Assign Your Live Chat Agents Some Sort of Surveys

When you hire live chat agents, you should assign them some sort of survey. In a few simple steps, they can answer your customers’ questions, gain confidence, and improve their skills!

Use Continuous Online Trainings for Your Live Chat Agents

Learn more about how to use your live chat agents in a training session with our partner that specializes in providing live chat training.

How much does a live chat agent cost?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question. Each agent is different and has their own costs. However, if you look at popular agents, you’ll see that their average monthly fee is $1000to $1500 for 5 days/week. HiredSupport offers plans starting from only 500 dollars for 8 hr/day, 6 days a week.

Live chat agents come at varying prices and a good way to budget is to find out how much you can pay. There are many types of live chat agents you can hire, ranging from novice to advanced.

Experienced Live Chat Agents Can Earn $45 per Hour

The most experienced live chat agents can earn $45 per hour, or possibly even more. HiredSupport neve compromise son quality and always hire top rated agents for its live chat services. We offer same quality expert agents at only 2.6 dollars/hour. Can’t believe? You can experience yourself through our free trial.


If you want your business to succeed, hire live chat agents. After all, live chat agents work hard and are dedicated to their clients, helping them out whenever possible. Remember, it’s not the work or the pay that matters to agents, it’s the clients who matter!

Live Chat Agents Save Hundreds of Dollars

Live chat agents have saved me hundreds of dollars by enabling me to focus on the marketing strategy that works. I will forever be grateful for their assistance, and I’m sure you will, too!

In a Nutshell

Running a business is hard. So is running a website. You need all the help you can get, and live chat agents are one of the best ways to make sure your business succeeds.

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