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Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies (Updated 2024)

Outsourcing your live chat support is the best way to reduce costs. In fact, my estimations show that if you are operating in the US., you will save 81.65% by outsourcing your support to HiredSupport.

Further, these companies have years of experience in handling the customer support, so you can easily expect better customer satisfaction and respond rates as well.

Cool, now that you have made the decision to outsource, let me walk you through the top 10 live support outsourcing companies.

Pro Tip: Each company has its own pros and cons, and you never know if that fits the requirement. I’d suggest running a free trial with HiredSupport here. Zero dollars cost, and you can set the right expectations.

Our Methodology to Rank Top Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

To list the top 10 live chat support outsourcing companies, we analyzed the following factors:

  • Numbers of years a company is operating in the live chat outsourcing
  • Quality of service
  • Number of clients
  • What people say about it on different platforms (Quora, Reddit)
  • Recurring clients of the company
  • Case studies of their clients
  • Price
  • Affordability

Most of these factors are qualitative. Our team scaled them on a rating that ranges from 1-10 and then the cumulative score of each company was calculated. The company with the highest score stands at the top, and the subsequent list follows it.

Cool, let’s dive into the top live chat Outsourcing Companies.

Top 10 Live Chat Outsourcing Companies

1. HiredSupport

When you think of efficiently outsourcing your live chat operations, HiredSupport stands at the top.

Opting for such an outsourcing service provider is a great way to help skyrocket sales operations and customer satisfaction levels. 

The agents are available around the clock to assist with the customers’ queries. 

Further, these agents have a background of operating in diverse industries. They can easily understand the businesses’ requirements and how to assist customers’ concerns.

What HiredSupport Offers:

Chat agents at HiredSupport are experienced in handling chat queues and concurrent chats. This allows them to multitask and ensure that customer queries are addressed promptly.

Language Proficiency:

Live agents at HiredSupport have a good grasp of English.

This forms the basis of providing excellent support services. Agents should be able to type, read and comprehend what the person on the other line is saying, and that’s what HiredSupport provides. Strict protocols are in place to ensure that agents meet standards before being onboarded.

Transparency is key when working with agents at HiredSupport. They will send you weekly and monthly performance reports detailing customer feedback and what needs improvement. 


HiredSupport offers a 7-day free trial so that business owners can make an informed decision about outsourcing their live chat operations.

You can work with an agent at HiredSupport starting from just $7/hour compared to hiring an in-house staff starting from $25/hour. 

2. Helplama

Helplama - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

Helplama provides live chat outsourcing services to clients specifically in the B2B Telemarketing niche. 

Agents at Helplama have the experience to handle customer complaints and resolve issues in a timely manner. It offers services such as live call answering and phone order-taking services. 

What Helplama Offers:

Helplama is in with the times as it provides customized chat scripts written by AI. This ensures that the agent’s conversations are aligned with your brand voice.

Language Proficiency:

Helplama offers customer support in multiple languages. Such as English, Spanish and French. The support staff is responsive and can onboard individuals with different language skillset to their team. 


Helplama doesn’t offer a free trial. It has a personalized pricing plan starting from $399/month.

3. HelpSquad

HelpSquad - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

When it comes to providing chat support, HelpSquad does a great job of ensuring customer satisfaction. 

It assists customers with queries in their preferred language and ensures that issues are resolved in real-time. HelpSquad’s staff is trained in such a way that they can convert inquiries into potential sales, which helps streamline processes. 

What makes HelpSquad stand out is its extensive FAQ knowledge based on the product/service the client offers. 

What HelpSquad Offers:

HelpSquad offers two-way SMS texting along with Google Business Messages. Agents at HelpSquad are also well-equipped to handle inquiries through Facebook Messenger. 

It has served industries such as Healthcare, Education and Finance. This adds diversity and credibility to the outsourcing service provider’s profile. 

At HelpSquad, you, as the business owner, can choose dedicated or shared agents as per your budget needs. A key account manager would also be provided to ensure KPIs are met. 

Language Proficiency:

HelpSquad offers multilingual support to customers sending inquiries from around the globe. It implements AI software that translates customer queries in real-time. The documents in Google Docs can be translated accurately without any need for human interface. 


Plans at HelpSquad start from $185/month specifically for Pay per lead packages. They also offer a 2 week free trial which can be cancelled anytime. 

4. CloudTask

CloudTask - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

CloudTask’s live chat aims to ensure that your company’s marketing strategy is streamlined. Agents aim to deliver increased customer satisfaction and ignite the spirit of customer loyalty, leading to increased sales volume. 

For example, CloudTask’s team helped their company increase CSAT by 8% in just seven weeks. The average response time was also reduced by 4.9 minutes. 

What CloudTask offers:

Some of the services that CloudTask offers are chat and social media support, and it has made a name for itself in the telecommunications sector. 

CloudTask takes pride in offering its clients skilled and specialized live chat operators. They are trained to meet your brand guidelines so that when a customer calls, the agents know how to respond. 

Language Proficiency:

CloudTask offers proficiency in English and ensures that the customer queries are met promptly. Agents are trained on how conduct themselves while on a call and using the right tone when responding to customers. 


What sets CloudTask apart from others mentioned in the list is that it offers personalized pricing plans according to the needs of a business. 

5. Peak Support

Peak Support - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

Peak Support offers multilingual support services to customers dialling in with inquiries. They focus on implementing technology tools which help streamline customer support operations.

The company was certified as “America’s Fastest Growing Inc 5000,” which makes it a credible place for businesses to consider as their outsourcing partner. It offers inbound & outbound phone support and social media support. 

What Peak Support offers:

Peak Support offers technical support to businesses that are looking to outsource their live chat operations. This outsourcing service provider works wit technologies such as Dialpad, Calabrio, Freshdesk and Floatboat. This ensures that customer inquiries remain streamlined.  

Language Proficiency:

English is the major language in which Peak Support offers its services. This helps ensure that clients feel comfortable interacting with live chat agents in getting their inquiries answered.


When you have assessed your business needs, reach out to their team and get your personalized quote. 

6. BigOutsource

BigOutsource - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

BigOutsource is an outsourcing service provider based in the Philippines. The company’s comprehensive services are designed to help streamline your operations. 

What BigOutsource offers:

BigOutsource provides exceptional IT and business offshoring solutions and innovative staff leasing models to seamlessly establish virtual centres. This integration eventually helps reduce cost, which makes it a good option to consider for SMEs

The company provides outsourcing services, such as dedicated staffing solutions that can help elevate productivity. You also have the option to outsource the project to such a service provider. This will allow you to make strategic decisions and not waste time on the nitty-gritty of the assignment.

Language Proficiency:

BigOutsource offers its contact and sales support services in languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Japanese. These solutions are delivered over phone, email and live chat, creating a seamless customer experience. 


BigOutsource offers personalized payment plans as per your business requirements. 

7. AnswerConnect

AnswerConnect - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

AnswerConnect offers a 24/7 live answering service designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Serving as an extension of their client’s operations, AnswerConnect ensures that no call goes unanswered. 

What AnswerConnect Offers:

AnswerConnect offers services such as live call answering, live chat support and appointment scheduling. The services provided are segmented into different business segments, and their needs are assessed accordingly. 

AnswerConnect’s team of customer experience experts specializes in tasks such as message taking, lead capturing, call transferring, appointment booking, and more. 

Additionally, AnswerConnect seamlessly integrates with a wide range of CRM software solutions to enhance workflow efficiency for their clients.

Language Proficiency:

AnswerConnect is a bilingual answering service, answering customer queries in their preferred language. This live chat outsourcing service provider offers its services in both English and Spanish. 


AnswerConnect doesn’t offer a free trial or fixed charges; the price will be agreed upon once the consultation is complete.

8. Helpware

Helpware - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

Helpware aims to deliver promising outsourced live chat support that helps businesses achieve faster response times and improved customer satisfaction levels. They assure their clients of no compromise in quality and a superior customer experience.

What Helpware Offers:

It offers services such as email support, SMS support, and Helpdesk support and can allow the integration of chatbots into your existing system. 

Helpware has served industries such as e-commerce and retail, as well as SaaS and software. This experience in different niches diversifies the company’s portfolio. 

Language Proficiency:

What differentiates Helpware from other service providers on the list is that its agents offer support to customers in more than 25 languages. The scope of Helpware is spread across the globe..


It has a personalized pricing plan based on your business plan. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise owner, Helpware has you covered. 

9. LimTC

LimTC - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

LimTC understands the challenges encountered by small and medium-sized businesses in navigating the balance between the following: 

  • Managing Expenses
  • Training Personnel
  • Achieving Objectives. 

What LimTC Offers:

It acknowledges the significance of timely service and proficient technical support in establishing and expanding a business’s customer base. Whether seeking assistance in marketing, sales, administration, customer support, onboarding, or other areas, they have the right solution. 

LimTC positions itself as an extension of the client’s team, working diligently behind the scenes to enhance the business’s efficiency and effectiveness. 

Their experienced professionals collaborate seamlessly with the client’s team to unlock their full potential and achieve desired outcomes tailored to diverse global markets.

Language Proficiency:

LimTC offers its services in English and ensures that customers’ questions are answered promptly. English is the major language of communication across various channels of communication such as email and social media. 


LimTC adopts four pricing models: Limitless, Limitless+, Sourcing and Remote. Each pricing model comes with its own set of features suitable for different business models, such as franchises. 

10. Aidey

Aidey - Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies

Aidey operates as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. It offers tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a focus on flexibility and affordability, Aidey assists companies in effectively managing their operations. 

What Aidey Offers:

Its services include customer service, technical support, customer success, and back-office functions. Aidey serves its diverse clientele spanning across industries such as SaaS, e-commerce, hospitality, and services. 

Aidey has shown expertise in SaaS, startups, hospitality and outbound services. This outsourcing provider sets itself apart from others by providing tailor-made solutions. \

Over the span of two months, this outsourcing service provider can report your progress and any necessary changes if you choose to work with them. 

Language Proficiency:

Aidey offers its services primarily in English. This is done across various platforms such as social media. 


Aidey provides a 21-day free trial, but only limited features would be accessible to individuals who choose this route. Aidey provides free set-up costs, and its package starts from $1499. This is a much cheaper option than hiring an in-house team, costing approximately $11,500. 

Top 10 Live Chat Support Outsourcing Companies


In short, each company brings its unique blend of expertise, technology, and customer-centric approach to the table. Through meticulous research and analysis, businesses can find the perfect fit for their requirements, whether it’s enhanced customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, or cost-effectiveness.

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