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7 Customer Service Types You Need to Consider in 2024!

Having customer service in place means better support for the company’s clients. It varies from one business to another, and different factors help develop the ideal customer acquisition strategy. If one system works for you, doesn’t mean that the same would be true for another. 

If you don’t have the time for experiments, outsource your customer service operations to HiredSupport. They have tried and tested various customer service types in different industries, making them your ideal partner. 

Cool, let’s dive into the top 7 customer support types, how you can implement it into your own business operations.

1. Email Customer Service

The business world, post-pandemic, relies upon the power of asynchronous communication. What better way to do this than through email support? This lets customers relay their concerns in detail and expect a response within 24 hours. 

It’s noted that 90% of organizations opt for this channel as part of their customer service tools due to its ease of access. As a customer service agent, you can track customer interactions and make note of any discrepancies. 

How to Implement Email Customer Service?

You can integrate your Zoho Mail with Zoho Subscriptions. Once you have enabled the integration, you can view all the conversations that you have had with the customer which helps you give an understanding before responding to them. For integration, simply go to 

  • Settings→ Integration→Zoho Apps
  • Click Enable
    Click Enable Integration

ROI of Implementing Email Customer Service

For every dollar that’s spent on email marketing, marketers make about $42. However, this depends on the industry you are targeting. But the ROI of email marketing for PR or Marketing agencies is about $36. 

2. Live Chat Customer Support

What’s better than emailing agents? It’s talking to them about the issues you are facing. It offers immediate response to customer inquiries. However, if the problem is technical, communication would be taken over by video call. 

Having a live chat feature up your sleeve can help boost customer support by 52% due to its personalization. The chats can be saved on the CRM and reviewed later for quality assurance. 

HiredSupport offers live chat customer support to help clients increase their profits while reducing costs. 

How to Implement Live Chat Customer Support?

If you are using a Live Chat software, you can login to the account and head over to 

  • Settings→Channel→Website
  • Copy the link and paste it on your website’s source code before </body> tag.
  • Once this is done, refresh the page
  • You will see the Live Chat widget at the bottom

ROI of Implementing live chat customer support

The ROI of implementing live chat customer support is 305% as customers find it easy to interact with the website without having any human interactions. If implemented successfully, you would see a 20% increase in conversion rate. 

3. Self-Help Customer Support

Self-help customer support specifically aims to empower customers. Individuals can get assistance from the company’s knowledge bases, FAQs, and various online tools. 

This reduces the urgency on the brand’s direct support channels. It was reported that there was a 65% decline in direct interaction with the support staff in the presence of self-service customer support. 

This helped save time and improved the efficiency of agents. The advantage of this method is that it’s available 24/7, and you wouldn’t have to be on hold listening to the brand’s caller tune. 

HiredSupport has worked with technologies such as Freshdesk Knowledge Base, which helps build in-depth self-service portals. 

How to Implement Self-Help Customer Support?

If you want to implement help desk customer support, the best way is

  1. Organize your help desk
  2. Set an email channel
  3. Get your team on board
  4. Review your first ticket
  5. Start ticketing

ROI of Implementing Self-Help Customer Support

If you implement self-help customer support, you can expect a 20 to 30% return on investment. This is key when you are considering scaling your operations. 

4. Omnichannel Customer Support

When it comes to elevating customer experience, omni-channel support comes to mind. This happens not only on one platform but across multiple channels. Simply put, it bridges the gap between digital and physical support channels. 

Given that you invest in technology, the results will be profitable for your company. With this type of support, you hand over the baton to customers as they reserve the right to choose how they want to interact with your brand. It can be anything from LinkedIn to Instagram. 

How to Implement Omnichannel Customer Support?

If you want to use Microsoft 365 for setting up omnichannel customer support, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Select your Dynamics 365 instance→Solutions
  2. Install
  3. Go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center→ Billing→Purchase Services
  4. Click on Add-ons
  5. Select Dynamics 365 Customer Service Digital Messaging add-on.
  6. Continue

ROI of Implementing Omnichannel Customer Support

Businesses with strong Omnichannel engagement can retain up to 89% of their customers compared to 33% for those without it​. This strategy helps companies scale their operations accordingly. 

5. Automated Customer Support

Automated customer support relies upon technology. This helps provide immediate responses that are collected from the company’s technical database. Having such a support system in place adds a layer of efficiency and scalability, ensuring that your client’s requests are met.

Recently, the implementation of technology such as Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence has redefined what was once customer interaction. Such a support system is helpful in handling high-volume and repetitive queries. 

How to Implement Automated Customer Support?

If you are using WotNot for automated customer support, signup on the platform and a support agent will guide you on how to set automated customer support. This will help improve your client satisfaction service. 

ROI of implementing Automated Customer Support

If you have 10 agents working for $40,000 annually, with automation you can replace 30% of their workload. This means cost savings and increased ROI for your business. In this specific example, you would end up saving $120,000 annually. 

6. Business Process Outsourcing

Opting for Business Process Outsourcing is the best way to reduce costs while scaling your operations. It’s noted that about 24% of businesses outsourced their customer support operations in 2023. 

Businesses can outsource specific support functions to external agencies, which can provide specialized knowledge and expertise to handle customer inquiries and concerns. One outsourcing service provider that stands out amongst others is HiredSupport. They have agents available 24/7 starting from just $7/month

How to Implement Business Process Outsourcing?

You can implement business process outsourcing (BPO) towards your business by conducting due diligence and going through the service provider’s testimonials. HiredSupport is a good example. You can opt for a 7 day free trial and get lay of the land before committing long-term.

ROI of Implementing Business Process Outsourcing

If companies opt for business process outsourcing, they can save 30-50% on operational costs. It’s even noted that outsourcing can reduce labor costs by 50 to 70%. This makes it an attractive option for investment. 

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7. Dedicated Customer Support

This type of customer service focuses on assisting niche user segments, or ones bringing in most of the revenue. It offers personalized interactions and ensures high-quality service that stands on its own merit. 

It’s noted that 32% of European companies offer a designated contact person to B2B customers. If you are a business owner looking for dedicated customer support, opt for a service provider that offers a free trial to help you get the lay of the land. 

How to Implement Dedicated Customer Support Agents?

You can implement this model by contacting HiredSupport. Their support agents will guide you through the process and ensure that your clients are top priority. You can read up on their case studies for more information. 

ROI of Implementing Dedicated Customer Support Agents

Offering improved support through the implementation of dedicated support agents can reduce repeat contact rates by up to 50%.

If the average cost per contact is $5 and a company receives 10,000 contacts monthly, reducing repeat contacts from 30% to 15% saves 1,500 contacts, converting to a monthly savings of $7,500.


We have discussed the types of customer service and how each is different from the other. The type of customer service you want to opt for depends on your business needs and the industry you operate in. 

I would recommend going for HiredSupport’s free trial. It will help you understand what services they offer. Think of it as a test drive so that you can choose the best car for your company. It’s a good way to set your expectations and reduce costs simultaneously. 

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