How to outsource your customer support and live chat

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How to outsource your customer support and live chat

Thinking about outsourcing your customer support or live chat? Want to know how it works here at HiredSupport? We can provide numerous services such as live chat support, email and ticket support, full call center services, general customer support, order verification, order processing, back-end tasks, voice and phone support, telemarketing, inbound and outbound calls, and much more!

But how are we able to do that? It’s simple really! First, we take a new client and we learn about their business – we want to know what it is you sell and how you gain those sales – be it selling physical goods, intangible goods, or even a service or lead. We deeply invest in the knowledge on how your business works and how we can fit in perfectly to handle your tests. This is where we ask you questions such as: website url, what you sell/provide to customers, how you normally attract such customers, how you want your chat handled, and a basic set of questions and answers that we may come in during the client knowledge stage. We call this stage 1.

Stage 2 is the act of our clients taking over your live chat after they’ve deeply understood what it is you need from us and your business. We take a genuine interest in your day to day operations – we want to help you grow your business. Our workers will take over your support and start interacting with customers as per your requests. If requested, they can do this 24/7, 365 days! Or if you want to keep only 1 worker during your operating hours, the scheduling can be customized to what satisfies you and your budget.

Stage 3 is we capture those visitors and turn them into customers for you, be it sales generation, lead generation, or simply just helping an existing customer with their issues. We can provide daily reports on how our chats went and what we accomplished each day. This is you seeing the results of the customer support. This is very important and customers are dynamic, so no knowledge base can answer every single customer’s questions. Nothing works better than a live human interacting with a potential customer so they can feel valued. It works tremendously well and has worked in all industries.

Stage 4 is to repeat. We make we turn your visitors into customers! We want to help you grow your business so you can focus on other tasks. Leave the support to us, it’s what we’re good at. There’s not a single business we can’t help – we’ve done just about every single industry from small companies to large companies requiring (20-30+ workers). There is no project we can’t add value to – just give us a try and watch your revenue soar.

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